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We will be following USTA guidelines and curriculums starting at Pee Wee (ages 3-5) all the way to JV-Intermediate (ages 12-18).
USTA Descriptions
Pee Wee Tennis Ages 3-5: Children will develop their general motor and athletic skills on a 36’ court; focus on coordination, movement and balance, sending and receiving skills. Games are an important part of the program so they will be exposed to games that are both fun and tennis related. 
Beginner Ages 5-7: A program of movement, balance, coordinated and motor skill development with a focus on self and partner rallying skills on a 36’ court. Reception and projection activities will be emphasized. Children learn the first stages of cooperative tennis, how to initiate a rally, move and judge a ball, how to control the racquet at contact point and control height, direction and depth. 
Advanced Beginner Ages 6-8: Children continue to learn the previous skills on a 36’ court, and at the end of this program, they should have gained an understanding of how to swing the racquet in order to serve, be able to move their opponent with intention by controlling the direction of the ball, begin using a full or abbreviated serving motion, know how to move effectively to ensure good position and balance. They will begin to compete in 8 and under play.
Intermediate Ages 7-10: Children will learn the basics of tactical play as they transition to a 60’ court in both singles and doubles. Swing rhythm on the forehands and backhands will be emphasized. They will learn how to differentiate between a volley action and a ground stroke action. A variety of serve progressions will be taught and the serve and return of serve will be covered in each class.
Advanced Intermediate Ages 8-12: Children will experience the 5 play situations on the 60’ court and will refine their tactical/technical skills. Concepts of offense/defense will be introduced in both singles and doubles. Ball control exercises that enhance consistency, direction, depth and spin will be stressed. A variety of adaptive skills will be trained using dead ball drills, live ball drills and competitive play situations in all areas of the court.
Advanced Ages 10-14: Children will be exposed to a full range of technical/tactical development. All court tennis will be emphasized. The program will focus on drills that develop movement, recovery and decision making skills. Situational and competitive play in the 5 play situations will be planned in the curriculum. This is the final developmental stage before the children enter the Junior Competitive Program.
JV/Intermediate Ages 12-18: Learn to rally and play is the theme of each class. The students will be exposed to all the basic skills of tennis including ground strokes, volleys, overheads and serves. The class will stress cooperation and competition in many of the drills and play situations. Heavy focus on match play.

  • Will be held at the South Street tennis courts
  • Racquets may be borrowed upon request at court
  • In case of rain, practice will be held at the Boys & Girls Club, 16 Paine St. Check website for update.
  • No refunds

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