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Swim Lesson Policy at EA Middle School Pool

Swim Lesson Policy

The safety of your children is our main concern. Therefore, we require the following policy be followed to ensure safe, organized lessons for your children. Children may come into the pool area within 5 minutes before their class begins -- no sooner. Parents are allowed in the pool area on Parent Watch night only, which is listed on your schedule. Shoes are not allowed on deck during parent watch night - you must be barefoot or wear water shoes. Young children are sometimes anxious about lessons when they first start. Please know that they will be comforted and given time to adjust to the new surroundings. We do not put crying children in the water. They will be encouraged to watch the lesson till they are ready to get in the water. In case the fire alarm sounds, everyone must exit the building as required by the Fire Department. To avoid false alarms, please watch siblings closely in the hall and gym area. In the event the alarm does go off, all students will be escorted into the locker rooms to grab some warm clothes and then taken outside through the back corridor. The Fire Dept. will tell us when we can re-enter the building. All instructors are American Red Cross certified lifeguards, and a certified lifeguard is on deck at all times during lessons. Thank you for your cooperation.