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Hamlin Park (Village of East Aurora)


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Facility Information

166 South Grove Street
East Aurora, NY 14052

Hamlin Park Information
Amenities: 2 picnic shelters, shuffleboard courts, picnic tables and grills, volleyball court, restrooms, 1 basketball court, Rotary Bandstand for outdoor concerts, playground equipment, Aurora Players Pavilion, 1 hardball baseball diamond, horseshoe pits, fitness equipment, 1/4 mile running track, 1 multi-purpose field for football, soccer and t-ball
Description: Hamlin Park is one of the oldest parks in the town, being acquired in 1899. This 16-acre park is a general multipurpose recreational facility, and is the site of numerous public events throughout the year. Cars are not allowed to enter the park, except for drop-off of equipment. Parking in the park is extremely limited; so most parking for events is on the neighboring streets. The care of the park has been shared by the village, for capitol improvements, and the town, for maintenance. Location The park is situated on the corner of Prospect and South Grove Streets in the heart of East Aurora, and within walking/biking distance for most village residents. History In 1899, Cicero J. Hamlin learned that the village trustees were intending to sell bonds to purchase land for use a public park. He then pleasantly surprised village residents by purchasing the Holmes Grove and adjacent property, which he then donated to the Village of East Aurora. At the time of his gift, he had only two wishes: that it be used always as a public park and that it be kept alive by the expenditure for its maintenance of at least $100 dollars per year. The village trustees were so appreciative, they named the park by formal resolution, “Hamlin Park”, and assured him that at an early date, and ‘they shall take pleasure in placing some appropriate place in the park, a tablet which shall recite the fact of his generous gift.’

Hamlin Park Guidelines for Use
Any party receiving a permit is responsible to know and abide by the rules of use as follows: 1. Parking is not permitted on the grass at anytime. Parking is limited to the designated parking lots only. 2. Driving any vehicle on the lawn without express consent is prohibited. Vehicles may drive (on the blacktop) into the pavilion area (Aurora Players and Rotary Bandstand) to load and unload equipment. Vehicles are then to be moved to the parking area on S. Grove St. Due to fire safety regulations, vehicles are not to be left unattended near the pavilion. 3. The use of any apparatus not existing in Hamlin Park must be pre-approved in writing by the Village, i.e. portable toilets, amusement rides, etc. Any approved apparatus must be removed from the park within 2 days of the conclusion of the event. 4. Apparatus / vehicles of any kind are prohibited within an 8 ft. diameter of any tree to protect the roots. 5. Observe any park rules as posted and display a courteous attitude towards town and village personnel, parks users and neighbors. 6. The applicant is responsible for cleaning up the park area by the next day after the event, making sure garbage is picked up and bagged, and the area is restored to the same condition as it was prior to the event. 7. In case of damage or rubbish left in the park by the applicant, the cost to restore the park area will be levied upon the organization as determined by the DPW and Town Parks Department and approved by the Village Board. 8. Park users should self-monitor noise levels to make sure the noise is reasonable to park neighbors of normal sensitivity. Any complaints of excessive noise must be put in writing and sent to the Village. Complaints will be forwarded to the Friends of Hamlin Park for review. The FHP will meet with the park user and make recommendations to the Village Board. 9. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited Guidelines for Approvals Hamlin Park is owned by the Village of East Aurora and maintained by the Town of Aurora. Permits to hold a special event must be submitted to the Village Hall for approval, 571 Main St. at least 2 months before requested date of use. 10. No domestic animal is allowed in the park without previously obtained written permission from the Village of East Aurora.
Requests for the use of park shelters must be made through the Town Parks Department at 652-4050. 1. The application must be completed in full along with a map of the park highlighting the area / facilities of the park to be used, a signed Indemnification Agreement or a Certificate of Insurance naming the Village as an Additional Insured. 2. The Village will forward each Park Use Application to the Friends of Hamlin Park for review and recommendations. 3. The application then goes back to the Village. After the application has been approved by the Village Board, the Village will forward the permit to the Applicant, the East Aurora Police Department and the Town Code Enforcement Officer. 4. If signs are to be used in the park or around town in conjunction with an event, the applicant should contact the Town Building Department at 652-7591 to comply with sign codes.