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Hamlin Park (Village of East Aurora)


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Facility Information

166 South Grove Street
East Aurora, NY 14052
Contact: East Aurora Village  Phone: (716) 652-6000

Hamlin Park Information
Description: Hamlin Park is one of the oldest parks in the area, acquired in 1899. This 16-acre park, owned by the Village of East Aurora, is a general multipurpose recreational facility and is the site of numerous public events throughout the year. The park is situated on the corner of Prospect and South Grove Streets in the heart of East Aurora and within walking/biking distance for most Village residents.

Cars are not allowed to enter the park, except for drop-off of equipment. Parking in the park is extremely limited, so most parking for events is on the neighboring streets.

History: In 1899, Cicero J. Hamlin learned that the Village Trustees were intending to sell bonds to purchase land to establish a public park. He then pleasantly surprised Village residents by purchasing the Holmes Grove and adjacent property, which he then donated to the Village of East Aurora.

At the time of his gift, he had only two wishes: that it be used always as a public park and that it be kept alive by the expenditure for its maintenance of at least $100 dollars per year. The Village Trustees were so appreciative that they named the park by formal resolution “Hamlin Park”. Village Trustees assured Mr. Hamlin that “…they shall take pleasure in placing some appropriate place in the park, a tablet which shall recite the fact of his generous gift.”

Amenities: picnic shelters (two), picnic tables, volleyball court, basketball court, Rotary Bandstand for outdoor concerts, playground equipment, Aurora Players Pavilion, hardball baseball diamond, horseshoe pits, half-mile track, tennis and pickleball courts, multi-purpose field for football, soccer and t-ball, restrooms

Hamlin Park Guidelines for Use
1) Introduction
Hamlin Park is owned and operated by the Village of East Aurora. The park is intended for use and enjoyment by Village and Town residents and visitors to the area. All park users, individuals and groups alike, are asked to be courteous towards Village and Town personnel, neighbors and other park users.

2) Purpose
These guidelines govern the use of the park. Their purpose is to secure for residents optimal use and benefit of the park, ensure maintenance of the park and assure fair and efficient access to the park.

3) Hamlin Park Permit for Shelter Reservations for fewer than 50 persons
Persons wishing to reserve a shelter in the park for an event with fewer than 50 persons must complete a permit application (link below).

4) Hamlin Park Temporary Use Permit Requirements
a) A Village of East Aurora Hamlin Park Temporary Use Permit (HPTUP) is required for use of the park by groups of 50 or more. Permit applications, subject to the current fee structure, are available at the Village Clerk’s Office in the Village Hall or online on the Village website (link below). A permit is required for use of all park facilities and property including, but not limited to, baseball fields, soccer/football fields, the basketball court, the Rotary Bandstand, volleyball courts, tennis courts, park shelters and the grove area (link below).

b) The permit application must be completed in full, along with a map of the park highlighting the area and/or facilities to be used, and a signed indemnification agreement and a certificate of insurance naming the Village as an additional insured. An application for a permit must be received not less than 60 days, and not more than one year, before the date of such use or activities.

c) All HPTUP applications must be reviewed and considered for approval at a regular meeting of the East Aurora Village Board.

5) Factors Considered in Approving Permits
Factors to be considered in determining permission for use include:
• limitations due to current capital improvements or rehabilitation;
• regular maintenance;
• extent of wear and tear to be caused by use;
• coordination of uses;
• efficient scheduling; and
• availability of services.

6) Permit denial or rescission
Permits may be denied or rescinded:
• when an applicant fails to comply with requirements of this policy, Village, Town, State or Federal laws;
• when an applicant has knowingly made a false, misleading or fraudulent statement in the application or any supporting document;
• when scheduling conflicts occur;
• for any other reason deemed reasonable by the Village Board; and
• problems or issues experienced with applicant with past events or use.

7) Priority of Use
Village or Town sponsored events have priority of use for the park. Requests for permits will be approved based on the following order of priority:
a) Residents and groups within the Village and/or Town;
b) Organizations that have historically used the park; and
c) Groups outside the Village and Town.

8) Fees
Fees for permit applications are set by the Village Board. Call the Village Clerk’s Office for current fee information.

9) Limits on Park Use
The following are not allowed in the park:
• Dogs, cats or other animals, except for duly trained and authorized service animals;
• Alcoholic beverages;
• Smoking of any kind;
• Firearms, air guns or slingshots;
• Gambling;
• Archery;
• Golfing;
• Fires;
• Cutting, marring or injuring any tree;
• Littering;
• Commercial enterprise;
• Hunting and trapping;
• Snowmobiles;
• Digging, excavating, etc.;
• Broadcasting through loudspeakers, amplifiers, etc. (unless specifically approved in permit).

10) Parking
Parking is not permitted on the grass at any time. Parking is limited to designated parking lots. Driving any vehicle in the park, except for approved park maintenance and public utility vehicles, without express approval, is prohibited. Vehicles may drive on the blacktop into the pavilion area (Aurora Players and Rotary Bandstand) for loading and unloading only. Vehicles are to be removed immediately after loading or unloading. In accordance with fire safety regulation, no vehicles may be left unattended in the pavilion area.

11) Preservation of Property
It is a violation of the Village Code to injure, deface, disturb or befoul any part of the park or any of the buildings, signs, equipment or other park property, or to remove, injure or destroy any tree, flower, shrub, rock or mineral in the park, or to peel any bark from or cut or injure any park tree.

12) Cleaning
a) Permit users are responsible for cleaning up the park area immediately following an event, unless special arrangements have been made for cleanup to occur before noon the day after the event. All garbage shall be collected and bagged and the area is restored to the same condition as it was prior to the event. It is not the responsibility of the Village to remove, or cause to be removed, any garbage, trash or refuse resulting from the granting of any permit for park use.
b) In case of any damage resulting from, or rubbish left, in the park as a result of an approved event or use, costs incurred will be billed to the applicant, upon the determination and recommendation of the East Aurora Department of Public Works and approved by the Village Board.

13) Recycling
Recycling is encouraged at all events. Applicants should consider having available receptacles for recycling, in addition to those for collecting trash.

14) Additional Toilet Facilities
Permit users must provide an adequate number of portable toilets to meet crowd demands as per the NYS Health Department codes.

15) Use of Additional Apparatus or Equipment
The use of any apparatus or equipment not existing in the park must be pre-approved in writing by the Village. This includes amusement rides, portable toilets, etc. Any approved apparatus or equipment must be removed from the park within two days of the conclusion of the event, unless otherwise previously specified.

16) Noise
The park is located in a residential neighborhood surrounded by homes. No park event should produce noise levels that interfere with, or detract from, the enjoyment of the general public in the surrounding area.

17) Signage
If signs are to be used in conjunction with an event, the applicant must contact the Village Code Department for information on compliance with Village codes and obtain all necessary permits.

18) Hours
Permitted Park hours are from dawn to dusk.

19) Local Ordinances
All local ordinances, fire and safety regulations, state laws and building regulations apply to the use of the park.

20) Waiver of Guidelines
The Village Board, at its discretion, may waive any of the guidelines contained herein. Factors that will be considered in determining whether a wavier will be granted include:
• the nature of the event;
• the number of attendees anticipated; and
• past history of similar events and/or sponsoring organizations.

21) Violation of Park Guidelines
Complaints about alleged violations of park guidelines should be directed to the Village Board. Complaints alleging an imminent danger or threat to life, health or property should be made directly to the East Aurora Police Department.