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Chess Board Close-Up
CLASSIC CHESS CLUB at Middle School and Parkdale!  Registration for fall session. Class begins October 2nd at Middle School and October 3rd at Parkdale!
School-Age Girl Holding Toddler
 October 11th from 9:00am  - 3:30pm
Theatre with Closed Curtain

Our fall session of STAR (Student Theatrical Acting Review) starts Saturday,  September 21st!

Recreational Co-ed Bowling is fun! Our fall session begins September 25th. For more info, CLICK HERE.

Friday Night Swim starts October 11th! For more information or to download a schedule, CLICK HERE.

Our Going Places Van takes senior citizens unable to drive to medical appointments and other destinations.
Help Wanted Sign
Apply for our Rent-a-Kid program! It makes workers ages 14-21 available to people in our community that need work done in their homes, yards, babysitting, dog-walking, gardens, you name it!

Applications for Temporary Use Permits for Knox Farm State Park (fields & equestrian) available here.