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  Town of Aurora Parks & Recreation 

FAQ- Registering for Programs

Q. Can I register for Recreation programs online?

A. Yes. For instructions how to do so, follow this link: How to Register for an Activity

Q. I need an online account to register for a program/activity on the website; how do I create one?  

A. Follow this link for instructions: How to create an Account

Q. Once I register for an activity, will I receive any notice or reminder that the program is starting?

A. The only confirmation you will receive after an online registration is an email receipt. You will not receive any further reminders. If you register by mail, you will receive an email receipt if we have your email address. Otherwise, you will only be notified if there is not space available. We do not send reminders of programs starting.

Q. My child is on a wait list for a program. How will I know when a spot has opened up?

A. You will receive an email notification. If you let us know in advance you would prefer a phone call, we'll call you when your child is moved from the wait list. If, after the email notification has gone out and we haven't heard from you, we will call you. Keep in mind that we use the information that's in your online account, so it's important that it's up-to-date and accurate.

Q. What if I'm not able to pay for the program for my child?

A. If you have a special financial hardship which precludes your family from participating in our program, contact the Director, Chris Musshafen, at 716-652-8866, or

Q. How do I know if my activity/program/class is cancelled?

A. Go to our website and a message will be on our web page as an Alert message.


FAQ - Seasonal Questions

Q. Must I have my child's immunization records to register for Hamlin Park Day Camp?

A. Yes. We can't accept any registrations without immunization information.

Q. Can family living outside of my household be included in my Community Pool membership?

A. No. Only family living in your household may be included.

Q. Can I reserve facilities in a Town Park?

A. Yes. You can reserve a shelter in Hamlin, Warren, & JP Nicely (West Falls) Parks by calling 716-652-4050. To reserve an athletic field in Hamlin, Warren, or JP Nicely, call the Recreation Dept. at 716-652-8866. To reserve the Soccer/Equestrian fields at Knox Farm State Park, you must apply for a Temporary Use Permit from the NYS Parks Dept. You may get an application from the homepage of this website or by coming into the Recreation Dept. at 300 Gleed Ave.

Q. When is the Town of Aurora Independence Day celebration?

A. The Town of Aurora celebrates Independence Day July 3 with a parade down Main St., and activities, music, and fireworks in Hamlin Park. In the case of rain, fireworks only are on July 4.

Q. Does the Town of Aurora have a designated trick-or-treating day for Halloween?

A. No.

Q. Are summer swim lessons at the Aurora Community Pool cancelled when it is raining out?

A. Not if it is a light rain. Summer swim lessons are cancelled only if it is a heavy downpour, lightning, thunder or if the outside temperature is below 65. If unsure, call the pool at 716-652-6950, or check to see if there's an Alert message on the homepage of the website; cancellations are posted there.